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Why We Love Undercut Tattoos

Why We Love Undercut Tattoos

You’re a rebel. You’re a delinquent. You’re a bad apple.

Naturally, you’d want a tattoo, right? True, but you might be a little too afraid to commit to permanent body art just yet. So, what other ways are there to show off your jailbird side? Introducing to you all, the UNDERCUT TATTOO. It’s the newest, baddest and most raddest way to display that you’re a punk at heart.

Here are our top five reasons why we think they’re amazing, and why you should consider trying them out:

Reason #1: Your up-dos look rad!

Want to stand out from literally everyone in the crowd? Wear your hair up with your undercut! Whether you’re wearing a fun bun, ponytail, space buns, and more, your hair will look ten times more creative than everyone else’s. We can almost guarantee that all of your friends will have hair envy when they’re around you, and they’ll most likely book an appointment with us to copy your look.

Reason #2: You can change it up!

Unlike regular body tattoos, these puppies aren’t permanent. Undercut tattoos are etched into the nape of your neck, creating an intricate, yet beautiful design underneath your gorgeous hair. Since hair grows back, you can keep changing up the look of your tattoo over and over again! It’s like henna for your hair, you are able to try out as many different looks as you’d like.

Reason #3: They’re cooler than a half-shave!

Half-shaves are so last season, and undercut tattoos are so in. Essentially, they’re the exact same thing… just one looks way cooler. Like way cooler. If you still love the placement of your half-shave (typically on the side of the head), why not request an undercut tattoo in the same area? You know that you want to try out the undercut tattoo, so, you might as well just go for it in any way you can.

Reason #4: You can hide them!

Don’t want to give grandma a heart attack? No problem, just wear your hair down and problem solved. Undercut tattoos are great for those who work in a more formal environment, or those who like to experiment with their wild side. They’re gorgeous when you’re showing them off, but you can always opt for a more tame look by hiding them away.

Reason #5: You can express your artsy side!

Sometimes, finding an appropriate way to express your creativity can be hard. When you’re little, you learn it’s not okay to colour on the walls. When you’re a teenager, you get in trouble for getting that nose piercing without mom’s permission. But now that you’re an adult, you can go crazy! And that starts with getting a little artistic with an undercut tattoo.

There are so many beautiful designs you can choose from and here are some of our favourites:

So, are you ready for your undercut tattoo? What design do you think you’ll go with?

Contact us today and book your appointment; don’t wait another day to jump on the undercut tattoo trend!

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