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Modern Hairstyles for Mature Men

Modern Hairstyles for Mature Men

There’s no rule that says you need to look like a dad when you get older. Not in our rulebook anyway, there are only a few ones (although wearing socks and sandals is in there as a hard no). In any case, hairstyles for men over fifty can be stylish, professional, and fun! 

Below are a few of the top cuts to consider for ‘silver foxes’ and mature men. Short or long, slick or mussed, there’s a mixture of everything in our list so you can choose a look best for you. 

ryan reynolds comb-over hairstyle 

Source: haircutinspiration 

The Comb-Over, a Classic Hairstyle for Men Over Fifty

While the word might bring images of your high school principal to mind right away, there are plenty of other ways to rock a comb-over that are modern and look sharp. Ryan Reynolds rocks this style in a modern way with a gelled/windswept look. If you have thinner, less dense hair, using product in your hair will give it more volume.  

older man with slicked-back hairstyle and beard 

Source: haircutinspiration 

Slicked Back Style 

Don’t feel intimidated by the mustache in the picture above—even if you can’t twirl your own ‘stache like a movie villain, this is a perfect look for men with full beards. This style is best achieved when you have at least two inches of length on top, with three to four for an even higher slick and longer hair. Get some pomade into your hair and comb it back to a specific point on the back of your head, either the left or right side to achieve this look. 

George Clooney caesar cut hairstyle 

Source: haircutinspiration 

Caesar Cut 

Aside from being unbelievably handsome, there’s a reason women swoon around George Clooney—it’s his iconic caesar cut hairstyle. Just kidding, it’s really because he’s George Clooney. Regardless, this cut is a perfect hairstyle for men over fifty to showcase their silver or grey locks. Make sure your barber knows you want to leave two to three inches on the top of your head and a number six or seven on the sides. The rest is very similar to a comb-over but a little flatter. 

curly windswept hairstyle on mature man

Source: hairstyleonpoint 

Curly Windblown 

Get your superman look on with this hairstyle. Oftentimes, curly hair appears to be thicker even if you don’t have as much which makes this cut an excellent choice. Flip the front layers back, and gradually cut the sides and back shorter than the top to get that high front look. Keep the sideburns long to balance out the movement and texture above. 

receding hairline wavy hairstyle 

Source: Instagram / @HAIR.BY.ASHMICHELLE 

Receding Hairline Shaved Haircut 

Don’t let a receding hairline steal your youthful looks. You can still look distinguished a modern with this cut. Texture is key to making hair look like it has more body than it actually does. You’ll definitely want to grow out your hair on top to get the most out of this look and comb your hair to get that wavy texture. Opt for a fade on the sides and back to frame the longer section, so that it isn’t as apparent that your hairline is receding. 

Hopefully now you have some options, or at least inspiration, to be the hottest Dad on the block with a stylish new haircut. 


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