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Top 10 Haircuts Trending this Spring

Top 10 Haircuts Trending this Spring

Spring is in the air and it’s time to rethink your hair! Known for new beginnings and fresh starts, this season celebrates growth and all things new. Why not let PlanB Headquarters help you unleash your inner blossom this Spring with a healthy, fabulous new do! It’s time to chop away the winter doldrums and dead ends once and for all…if it’s been awhile since we saw you last, we can’t wait to book your next appointment! Check out some of our favourite Spring hairstyles below.

Trending Spring Hairstyles | Kelowna Hair Salon Plan B | Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones Bangs

Heavy fringe with lots of layers is a great haircut idea for those with seriously thick hair.

Kerry Washington’s Hairstyle

With precise layers and a defined center-part, this voluminous bob for curly-haired women is a beautiful no-brainer.

Bangs for Everyone!

Gone are the days of straight laced perfect bangs. Even those with naturally curly hair can venture into the realm of carefree bangs. Hide those frown lines naturally and skip the Botox with a little help from the professional stylists at PlanB Headquarters in Kelowna!

Side Swiping Sassiness

Parting your hair differently can instantly add volume and glamour. Embracing a side part or experimenting with the opposite side of your scalp can dramatically transform your profile and your attitude! If you feel like you’ve looked the same since high school…PlanB Headquarters can get help you find your fresh start this Spring.

Pixie Freedom

If wash and go suits your lifestyle and your energy level; pixie cuts deliver. Simply run some product through your hair to define certain chunks or highlights and voila! Easy breezy complete. Not everyone is best friends with their hair dryer and we get it. Not everyone wants to come down to the shop for frequent maintenance appointments either…thankfully, both short and long pixies styles are on trend for the Spring of 2017 so we’ve got you covered! You will still be stylin’ during the “growing out phase” and looking great.

Angled Bobs and Asymmetrical Flair

Pixie cuts are not the only way to highlight your cheek bones and bring out your eyes. Enjoy experimenting with different long, short or asymmetrical bobs to define your jaw and your personality. Highlighting your facial bone structure is a bonus when you get your hair cut right.

Say Goodbye to Winter Damage

Incorporate a nourishing protein treatment into your next visit and give your locks the gift of strength. Over processed hair takes its’ toll on your entire appearance. If you have become addicted to wild colour and defining streaks, let us help you ensure your hair is as healthy and radiant in the process. Our talented team at PlanB Headquarters in Kelowna has the perfect stylist for every hair type. Even if you are overdue for a trim, we can instantly update your look. Call us today to book an appointment in and rediscover your shiny, awesome new hair!

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