Tim Davenport

I’ve got a unique sense of humor…


Nickname: T-Bone
Personal Style: Real & down to earth
Favourite Product: Evo Crop Strutters construction cream

I’ve been with Plan B pretty much since its inception 15 years ago. I apprenticed under the original owner Casey, learning the barber trade. It was pure chance and circumstance that led to me becoming a barber. My aspirations within the industry started as more of an entrepreneurial endeavor as the business side of the industry was of more interest. However, as fate would have it, I fell in love with barbering, one of the last noble trades. I truly love my time at the chair with my friends and guests. I’ve always joked that I’m okay at hair but great at relationships…

We’ve built a culture of inclusion at Plan B where people of all ages from all walks of life can come and have a good time in a safe space to “get their hair did”. We are a little loud and a little brash but the beer is always cold, and the results are always dialed.

As I once said, “You do you, we’ll do your do..”

Plan B Hair Co. Kelowna Hair Salon and Barbershop Team - Tim Davenport