Chelsey Leibel

My style is casual and comfortable with a sharp edge…


Nickname: Chelso
Personal Style: Casual, natural, fun
Favourite Product: Olaplex


I love being a stylist. I attended Marvel College and became a part of the Plan B Crew immediately after graduating in 2008.

Through training I have perfected the old school fade and now specialize in mixing traditional barbering techniques with a modern, sophisticated and edgy cutting style. I believe in continuing my education and have taken cutting and colouring classes with the likes of American Crew and REDKEN certified stylists.

In October 2012, I completed training with EVO and for a time was the Okanagan area educator for EVO Canada. Most recently my specialties include classic 50’s men’s throwback styles, traditional fades, Barbie doll blondes, and beachy balayage. I make it my priority to not only enhance your natural beauty, but to educate you on how to best maintain your style and keep your hair in the best condition possible.

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