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Spring 2018 Hair Style Trends

Spring 2018 Hair Style Trends

In our last blog we chatted about the top 5 hair colour trends for spring 2018, this time we are covering the top hair styles for spring 2018. Think soft, relaxed, textured ‘dos and get some inspo to chop the locks and rock a new style this spring. Book your appointment with us and we’ll have you rolling out with your new style in no time!

Nouveau Accessories

By now, we are all aware that the scrunchie is back! All hail the 90’s. If scrunchies aren’t your thing, don’t fret, there are lots of hair 

accessories options for you to try this spring. Jen Atkin has even dubbed hair accessories as the ‘biggest hair trend of the year’. Think of hair accessories as added drama to a simple do. Some options to achieve this are scarves and ribbons tied around ponytails, clips and even accessories that can be woven into your hair styles!

Curtain Fringe

Curtain fringe; or long, tapered, textured bangs with and IDGAF attitude are dubbed the best bangs for the season. The reason being, they are versatile and easy to style. They can be parted in the middle or down the side, however they want to swing when you wake up. Thankfully, due to curtain fringes’ longer look, your bangs can be easily pinned back if needed.

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Jaw-Length Cuts

Short hair never left! Let’s cut the ‘come-back’ stuff. Short hair exudes a daring and liberating attitude with an effortless vibe. A long, jaw-length cut is no fuss and feels soft and cool. Time to chop the locks and get on this fresh style for spring.

Soft, Centre Parted Curls

Raise your hand if you have curly hair and humidity has forever been your worst hair enemy. Time to rejoice! This spring, embrace the humidity and the less structured look by letting your curls go wild with a centre part. This look is natural, lived in and still manages to make it look like you put in effort.

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The Short Shag

Similar to the no-fuss bob, the Short Shag has the same characteristic of of being low-maintenance and embracing your hairs natural textures. The slight difference is that it hits about collar-bone length and heavy set bangs look great with it! Leave your styling tools alone and pick up your texturizing spray!

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