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Returning to Our Barbershop Roots

Returning to Our Barbershop Roots

The Barbershop is making a comeback… and it’s bigger than noticing a few more red-white-blue barber poles around town. It’s the barbershop lifestyle that’s back! Men’s hair care and grooming is returning to its roots (pun intended!) – and with Plan B’s recent expansion, Kelowna men can now experience the return of the barbershop.

The Return of… “Gentlemanly” Style

Hair styles, like any trend, have changed and evolved over time. In the more recent years, men have changed their attitudes toward grooming and hair products. The male grooming industry has grown significantly because of social acceptance of men’s use of hair and skin care products. Styles have shifted from the un-groomed rocker to the refined and stylish businessman. Vintage styles reminiscent of the 1920’s-1950’s era are back, including the pompadour and classic crew cut fade. Plan B’s barbershop has embraced today’s “manly” gentlemen and our barbers have the skills to deliver the style you’re looking for.

The Return of… The Art of Barbering

Plan B Barbershop Kelowna | Returning to Our Roots | Art of BarberingWith the return of the barbershop, comes the return of a lost art. Barbering is a completely different skill set than traditional salon hairstyling. For one, men have different styles and lengths than women, and techniques vary to achieve your perfect fade. Current trends include the pompadour or quaff, and according to Erik Lander, education director for the British Barbers Association, styles are moving more toward much more texture and movement in the hair. With trends evolving, many barbers – like those at Plan B in downtown Kelowna – undergo training to compliment their years of experience & become experts in their trade. Need some inspiration for your next haircut? Or confused by all these hair terms? Check out these 25 Barbershop Haircuts from Men’s Hairstyles Today.

The Return of… Community & Camaraderie

The barbershop movement is bringing men together again. Plan B’s barbershop is a place where men of common interest can meet – get groomed – and enjoy a once forgotten camaraderie. The age of the Internet has left people disconnected when it comes to true social fulfillment, and the barbershop has the power to bring some of it back. Come by Plan B to see our new expanded pad and enjoy a hot shave or unique cut by one of our expert barbers.

The Return of… The Casual Drink

What ever happened to the casual drink? You know, the one to blame for cool social gatherings… well it’s back! The BC government has announced that it will expand liquor licensing to include all types of businesses in the province. Now you’ll be able to enjoy a beer with your shave or a perhaps a cocktail with your pedicure. This new liquor law allows that old school barbershop lifestyle to really come to life!

Our Roots… Kelowna’s Modern Barbershop

Plan B in Kelowna is excited to announce the expansion of our current space downtown. We’ve captured that old school style and gentlemen’s community. It’s a place where men (and women!) can feel comfortable and enjoy their experience. Come visit us and try a new fade, pamper yourself with a shave, or even get the same cut you’ve had for 20 years! We don’t judge. We’re returning to our roots – and we’ll take great care of yours! 😉

Book your next appointment at Plan B in downtown Kelowna or come by to check out the new barbershop space!

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