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Plan B Barber: Classic Shave for the Holidays

Plan B Barber: Classic Shave for the Holidays
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‘Tis the season of holiday parties and family gatherings! Whether you’re headed to a classy Christmas event, a big traditional family dinner, or an exciting themed New Years eve party – you’ll want to look and feel your best!

… Men, this includes you! I know, your disappointed your beard isn’t long enough to hang Christmas ornaments from it, but there’s plenty of other ways to look sharp and feel festive this holiday season in the Okanagan. At Plan B, our barbers will transform you from the rugged outdoorsmen to the meet-the-parents stud with a long forgotten – oh so glorious – classic shave from the barbershop.

The Hot Shave

A hot shave from a professional barber is one of the finer things in life. If you’ve never had a hot shave – a real hot shave (not the kind in your own shower!) – then you may not understand how beneficial and luxurious a hot shave treatment really is. Whether it’s a short and simple straight razor shave or the full-on experience with tonics and oils, a hot shave is like stepping out of time for a moment and returning feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. How can it be that good you ask? You’ll have to give it a try and see for yourself.

Benefits of a Hot Straight Razor Shave

Plan B Barbershop Kelowna | Homer shaving
Avoid all the unnecessary nicks… visit your Plan B Barber!

Back before many of us can remember, the barbershop was regular part of a man’s grooming routine. Then came the age of the disposable razor; dubbed a fast, easy, and convenient option for men to shave at home and visits to the barbershop for a hot shave steadily decreased. We all know the commercials where the buff guy in the towel grabs his can of shaving cream, lathers up and gets a quick clean shave from an aerodynamically designed plastic handheld razor. But here’s the truth most men already know: shaving with disposable razor sucks, drugstore shaving cream dries out your skin and the replacements blades are expensive! Hence, the return of the old fashioned hot shave…

So why get a hot shave from your steady handed local barber? The most logical benefit is that it’s a better shave. You’ll get a closer, crisper, fresher shave, compared to shaving at home. The straight razor blade is simply superior. End. Of. Story.

Beyond just a better shave, a barber’s hot shave is gentler on your skin. You’re less likely to get razor burn or have a reaction. No cheap drug store foam or dull blades will touch your face. Instead you’ll experience an effortless shave – literally! The barber will do all the work, your only job is to sit back and relax. Shaving wasn’t meant to be leaning over your bathroom sink frantically hacking away at your face. It was meant to be a right of passage into manhood.. a classy and indulgent experience.. a sign of status and sophistication..

Plan B is bringing the old-school barbershop shave back to 21st century. We believe every man needs to experience how shaving was meant to be. That includes you!

Give the Gift of Grooming

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for the guy in your life? Give them the gift of a luxurious barbershop shave. We know they deserve it, and they’ll definitely thank you for it so pick up a GC for a hot shave and a haircut today!

Experience our Barbershop services in a classic old-school atmosphere. Finally try this relaxing hot shave we’ve talking about or a professional beard or moustache trim, or even a new hairstyle like a jagged, blended, or disconnected fade. Plan B offers a wide range of services so no matter your preference – we can pamper you this holiday season!

Book your appointment at Plan B for a classic shave this holiday season! Or give the gift grooming with a Plan B Gift Card.

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