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How to Choose the Right Shade of Blonde

How to Choose the Right Shade of Blonde

Always dreamed of becoming a blonde bombshell but aren’t sure if you can pull it off? Contrary to popular belief anyone can pull of lighter locks, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade that complements your personal color palette. Choosing the right shade of blonde is not easy, too brassy or white is never a good look. Here are our top tips for how to choose the right shade of blonde for you:

1. Find out whether your skin is warm or cool toned

Generally speaking, paler, pinky skin tones suit cool, delicate blondes; think ash, beige or baby-blonde. If you’re medium/olive/gold-toned, you can pretty much pull anything off, lucky you! Have fun experimenting with platinum, honey, ash or strobe-light blonde. Darker skin tones should opt for more of a beige tone highlight; the bleach blonde look is attainable as well, but think of honey and caramel tones as your base with platinum highlights.

2. Take into account your eye colour

How much of a contrast do you want? Soft, multi-tonal shades complement lighter eye colours, whereas deeper, richer blondes flatter a darker eye.

3. Consider the condition of your hair

If your hair is already dry, brittle or damaged lightening it won’t do it any favours. Take some time getting your hair in tip top shape with regular hair cuts and conditioning treatments before you take the plunge. Even though lightening the hair can cause damage, there are some amazing produvts for blondes out there. Ask your colourist to use Olaplex on your hair during you colour appointment, this treatment can literally reconnect the hair strand structure where broken. It’s amazing.

Need some help choosing a shade? Consult your Plan B stylist or check out these 35 Shades of Blonde.


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Be prepared — going blonde means regular touch-ups (every four to six weeks, depending on your look), and proper maintenance (keeping it healthy) in-between. Keep all that in mind before you decide to hit the bleach. But above all else, please PLEASE don’t try to lighten your hair at home!! We’ve seen so many color corrections come through our door because someone decided to try and go from Demi Lovato to Gwen Stephanie by the box… just no. It is always recommended to see a professional colourist when it comes to lightening. Also bear in mind that depending on how dramatic a change you are seeking, it may take more than one appointment to get you to your goal. We will never sacrifice the integrity of your hair with any colouring service, even if you sign all the waivers in the world, we just won’t do it. So be fair to your hair when it comes to lightening and follow your stylists advice.

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