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Hold The Ho and Get Creative with Your Halloween Hair

Hold The Ho and Get Creative with Your Halloween Hair

Halloween, that special time when you can transform yourself into just about anything your imagination can conjure up. It’s not quite the same as when you were a kid, but adult halloween does have its perks. Very little clothing and very many cocktails make this one of our very favourite holidays of the year. We want to take a moment and encourage you to get creative with your hair this Halloween! We know you can do better than just a pair of cat ears and in a sea of Harley Quinns why not stand out with something different? And why should Halloween be all about the costume? There are creepy, wacky Halloween hair styles that will pair perfectly with some of the scariest costumes out there. If you’re a little bit of the last minute type (like we are with this blog post, ha!) and you haven’t even thought of it yet, you might be wondering “what the F&%$ am I going to do with my hair?” Well we’ve got some suggestions for you:


image source: The Joy of Fashion


image source & tutorial: Makeup Artist Nicole Fae

Crimp it Good


Costume Ideas: Zombie, Creepy Porcelain Doll, Gothic Witch

Vintage Victory Rolls


Costume Ideas: Rockabilly Zombie, Dead Victorian Bride, Pinup Girl



Costume Ideas: James Dean, Steampunk, The Fonz

This is just a short list of our favourite ideas, for a million+ more you can always do a quick Pinterest search for Halloween hair to get more inspiration. If you’re still stuck and just aren’t sure you can DIY your own Halloween ‘do, you can always make an appointment with a Plan B stylist. There you have it, go forth and have fun this All Hallows Eve!

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