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Best Hair Elastics for Your Hair Type

Best Hair Elastics for Your Hair Type

Elastic bands are the most common tool people use to pull their hair back into a ponytail. The ponytail initially gained popularity in the ‘50s, ’60s and ’70s. Despite the simplicity of this hairstyle, it has stood the test of time and continues to be just as popular today. In the modern world, ponytails aren’t just an everyday, casual look. We commonly see more stylish and slicked back ponytails on a night out in Kelowna and even on the red carpet.

Whether we use hair elastics to keep hair out of our faces, or for a trendy hairstyle, hair elastics are a major accessories and an integral part of of our hair routine. But since hair elastics are a hair essential, they often tend to be taken for granted.

However, the hair elastic you choose depends on your hair type and what #hairgoals you’re trying to achieve. Here are the Plan B’s hair elastic recommendations based on your hair type.  

Hair Elastics For Thick, Heavy Hair

Anyone with thick, heavy hair knows the difficulty of finding an elastic that will actually hold all your hair in place. The most common hair ties are seamless elastic bands wrapped in cotton. They offer great hold, are available in most colours and are probably the most widely sold and affordable hair tie.

Another great option is the Invisibobble or the telephone hair ring. This spiralled hair elastic has gained a ton of popularity recently, and for good reason. This hair tie won’t tug at your roots while wearing it or cause breakage when you remove it. Plus, the unique spiral shape allows for a good hold without leaving any kinks. It’s trendy, while still being practical.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, there are various barrette and hair clip options. The chunky circle hair clip is ideal because the clip can hold a ton, and we mean, a TON of hair. The circular shape design means that you can seriously hold endless amounts of hair and it will stay put!

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Hair Elastics For Wavy To Curly Hair

For wavy to curly hair we have two great recommendations, scrunchies and the bungee band.

Scrunchies have made a huge comeback since their hay day. These oversized, fabric hair ties with elastic cores are the perfect hair companion for anyone with wavy to curly hair. They are perfect for perfecting a loose and trendy look that won’t leave any kinks or damage your hair. Modern scrunchies have evolved to include fashionable braided and thinner options, so there are tons of options!

For an elastic that offers a better hold, but doesn’t damage your hair, try the bungee band. Bungee bands have gained popularity because these elastic bands provide maximum hold when tension is applied, but don’t cause breakage when you remove them. This type of hair tie is also reliable for tucking away your ends for a longer time frame than a majority of other hair elastics on the market.

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Hair Elastics For Fine Hair

If you’ve got fine hair, you know the struggle – hair elastics either slip out of your hair or they cause breakage.

The silk band is ideal for fragile, fine hair. The band doesn’t pull out any loose strands, which helps prevent future breakage. Silk is ideal for fine hair as it’s known to reduce the amount of split ends and breakage due to it’s naturally smooth texture.

Another super gentle option are cyndibands elastic hair ties. These hair ties create a snag-free ponytail, a bump-free bun, and effortless braids. The best part – they’ll stay in place, so you don’t need to constantly redo your style throughout the day. Cyndibands are available in over sixty colours, which means you can choose from shades that closely resemble your hair, from blonde to black, or a pop of colour for a bold contrast. You can even individualize the size of your hair tie, which reduces bumps and kinks.

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