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Top 5 Hair Colour Trends for Spring 2018

Top 5 Hair Colour Trends for Spring 2018

The Plan B hair stylists in Kelowna are always on the lookout for the latest hair trends, and cutting edge styles. Spring means shaking off the winter blues, and what better way than with a total transformation of hair colour?

Get inspired by the top 5 hair colour trends that will be taking Kelowna by storm this spring and book your hair appointment at Plan B today.

Vibrant Hair Colors

Pastel colours have been a popular choice for awhile, but there’s a growing trend towards more vibrant and bold colours that we’re sure to see more of this spring.

In particular, various shades of vibrant purple are a popular Spring colour. It’s an excellent choice for pretty much anyone, as it is flattering on almost any skin tone and easier to achieve than you’d expect.

The vibrant tones and hair colours are also great because they’ll last longer, don’t tend to fade as quickly, and are a great way to welcome the vibrant and warm colours of Springtime.

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Fruit Juice Hair Trend

Fruit juice has been named spring’s newest hair colour trend and it’s absolutely stunning! This peach, strawberry, and grape-hued creation is the perfect colour combination this spring.

It’s a great way to start moving away from pastel hair colours and move into more vibrant colours, with a twist.

Since it’s a unique blend of colours and hues, it can easily be customized to your preference, such as brighter peach highlights or richer berry lowlights.

From Pink Hair to Rose Gold Hues

Pink hair has expanded beyond niche alternative countercultures and into the mainstream hair world with the trending #pinkhairdontcare.

It has evolved from just being a daring and experimental beauty style to being embraced by the dominant culture.

Celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian and Kesha have made pink hair more accessible to our everyday lives. Hues of gold, rosey pinks are the latest evolution of pink hair and it’s the perfect blend of sophisticated and rebellious.  

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Metallic Hair Tones

Metallic hair colours have taken the hair world by storm. #Silverhair has been a trending hashtag on instagram for awhile now.

Although the icy tone may seem better suited for winter, silvers and golds remain a popular choice with bronze and copper tones not far behind.

A richer gold is starting to gain popularity this spring, which lends well to the trend of vibrant colours. If you love the metallic look, but crave something different, gold might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Blonde with Exposed Roots

Blonde is a classic that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Blonde continues to trend, but it’s taken on a grunge look with exposed roots.

This is great news for anyone that wants to save money and not worry about touching up roots every few weeks!

The two-toned look of exposed roots means more texture, and it creates a bit of an ombre look that fits current hair trends.

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Are you craving a change? Our talented hairstylists and barbers can help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of! Book an appointment at Plan B hair salon today.