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Gift Ideas for the Hair Junkie in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Hair Junkie in Your Life


Do you have someone in your life who might as well be Rapunzel because they possess so many hair care products? They probably gave you a Christmas list with just a scribble of “hair things” and now you have no idea what to get them. What do you get someone that has literally 150+ hair products, they must have it all… right? Wrong! There are tons of items you can gift the hair junkie, and the creativity in your ideas will wow them!

1. Hair Magazine Subscription

Hair care can be pricey sometimes, but magazine subscriptions are not! If you’re on a budget this year, but still want to gift someone something with a little more thought… a hair magazine subscription will be your best friend. You can order them online, so, you can avoid the hassle of running around, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving all year round! Seriously, who doesn’t love little surprises showing up at your door month to month.

2. Unique Hair Accessories

Most hair accessories are mundane and boring, you know… hair ties with bobbles snap bows, wire hair scarves, etc. Why not surprise your hair lover with a few uncommon adornments. Check out these bee-utiful hairpins or these festival-ready hair tattoos; and if they also happen to be cat obsessed, this purrfect cat ear headband. Get creative and think of accessories that would suit their personality, it will mean that much more.

3. Hair Themed Gift Basket

If your hair lover is set on hair care product, but you don’t want just to shove shampoo into a Christmas box and call it a day… why not present them with a hair care gift basket? Along with their favourite products, include little trinkets like a towel turban, a hair brush set, and a mini hair straightener (for those who are always on the go). This eHow article provides great advice on how to present and put together an astonishing basket.

4. Hair Themed Books

Does your hair junkie adore reading just as much as they adore hair? Then wrap up a hair styling book and place it under the tree! It doesn’t have to be a styling book either; it can be anything from hair through generations, the ultimate hair guide, or even braiding 101. This gift is a win, win- they’ll have a cute book that could double as decor at home and some awesome reading material for their next hair appointment.

5. Plan B Gift Card

Want to really stun your hair loving fanatic on Christmas morning? Gift them a Plan B gift card! You can take care of anything from a full appointment for them to a styling session with us for those New Years parties to even more hair product. They’ll be giving you hugs and thank-yous for days after opening up that wrapped little box with one of our gift cards inside.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start on that last minute Christmas shopping for the hair junkie that is hard to buy for. And while you’re at it, why not book an appointment with us at Plan B? Holiday season is busy, so appointments are filling up fast, and you don’t want to miss the chance to look fabulous for those holiday parties.

Contact us today to book and appointment and visit the salon to pick up your gift card.

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