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Game of Thrones Inspired Hair

Game of Thrones Inspired Hair

Kelowna Hair Salon - Plan B - the cast from Game of Thrones

If you haven’t been witness to the hair movement Game of Thrones has been creating, SHAME! Seriously though, what side of the wall are you living on if you haven’t noticed the braidception creations that are taking HBO by storm? We promise NO SPOILERS, only inside tips on how to have Khaleesi quality locks and how to be Westeros ready in no time.

Plan B knows no braided queen but the Mother of Dragons, whose name is Daenerys!

With the title of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, first of her name, The Unburnt queen of the Andals, The Rhoynar, Queen of Mareen, Khalessi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and the Mother of Dragons, how does this dignitary have time to perfect her braided coif never mind introduce herself? While the braids may look intricate this heroine has no time for complicated stylings’ when there is a throne to recapture. Often adorned with braided half up-dos Daenerys typically gathers the sides of her hair to keep it free from her face midst battling. Dragon Tip 101: While we know Khalessi can walk through fire, your hair can’t. So when finishing your braided look with curls, remember to use heat friendly products. Khaleesi inspirations pairs well with the classic Kelownafornia blow out.

You may be hooked by the intricate plot turns and mystery of the North, but its partly the woven and twisted hairdos that keep Plan B tuning in. Sansa Starks rose locks are often French braided but skillfully twisted back to revive the hair classic, or consider her dark period transition for aubrunette locks for intensity against her alabaster complexion. For those heroines with shorter locks consider Cersi’s pixie, or Arya Starks twisted buns.

image source: Entertainment Weekly

Braids to Impress John Snow with

Dutch BraidKelowna-Hair-Salon-Plab-B-dutch-braids
Choose the section of hair you want to braid. Starting at the crown of the head, divide the top layer of the section into three strands. Bring the right strand across, under the centre strand. Bright the left strand across under the centre strand. From the right side, gather some new strands and include them in the right side. Bring all this hair across, under the centre strand. (This is now all part of one right strand) From the left side gather some new stands and include them with the left side. Bring all this hair across, under the center stand. This is all now part of the left strand. Continue until the braid is completed.

Kelowna-Hair-Salon-Plab-B-milkmaid-braidsMilk Braids
Secure the braids on top of your head. Once you’ve finished both braids, take one and place it across the top of your head, securing it behind your opposite ear with bobby pins. Hide the ends of the braids. Style the front of your hair. Finish with hair spray.

Kelowna-Hair-Salon-Plab-B-fishtail-braidsFishtail Braid
Choose the section of hair you want to braid. Divide the section into two, holding a section in each hand. Bring a small piece from the outside of the top section into the middle, and then across to the bottom section. (Essentially you have two sections again) Next, bring a small piece from the outside of the bottom section into middle, and across into the top section. You should essentially have two sections again, now with an x in the middle. Continue until the braid is finished.

Kelowna-Hair-Salon-Plab-B-french-braidsFrench Braid
Prep hair by brushing it smooth. Gather the hair at the top of the head and divide into sections. Cross each section appropriately, while adding a section of hair as the brad develops. Add hair to the section on the other side. Repeat the process of adding hair and crossing sections and complete by securing the brad at the end with an elastic hair band.

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