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Beards in the Okanagan: You Tell Us, Yay or Nay?

Beards in the Okanagan: You Tell Us, Yay or Nay?

Is it practical or lazy? Attractive or sloppy? At some point in time most guys have rocked a beard, but are they doing it right? Recently, beards have been making their way into vogue. From the full beard to a few days of shadow, it seems there is room enough for all styles of facial hair in this brave new world. Contrasting a sharp cut with a bold beard can make for a deadly combo, and we are embracing this new trend with a full line of beard balms, oils, and foams to keep everything maintained and sleek. Though the scraggly beard might seem attractive in a “hipster or homeless” kind of way, the shaped and groomed beard has been a staple for so long that it will be tough to dethrone.

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Kelowna Hair Styles Can Be Unpredictable

But where did this all start, and why is there such a sudden resurgence? It might be attributable to “mo’vember”, which swept through the nation with gusto. However, bear in mind that beards have never left style altogether. Briefly relegated to the lumberjacks of Canada, it didn’t take long for people to come back around. Now beards are everywhere and in all shapes and sizes, from towering beasts to trimmed up stubble. Struggling to decide on the right style for you? That’s why you have us! Stop by our barber parlor to get second to none advice on the best shape for your face, then get an earful on how to care for your beard and keep it looking its best each and every day.


Cutting the Scruff

For those who are playing with the idea of growing out their beard, the biggest question is how big and wild to let it be? The debate of groomed vs. ungroomed will rage on, so we want to hear it from all you lovely people, how do you like a good beard? Does the old-school full and luscious style get you going? Or are you after something that shows a little bit of skin through the rough? In our eyes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t mean that any beard works. Deciding on the style should be a reflection of the shape of your face, as well as the complementing haircut you are trying to match. If you are finding this to be a challenge, you know who to call – the experts in hair care, cuts, and creations at Plan B Hair Co.!

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Keeping Beard Maintained in the Okanagan

When you have your beard down pat, it is time to get the products out to give it that natural shine without any grease. No one likes a smelly beard, but your shampoo will leave it dry and starved. Luckily, here in Kelowna we have a top-tier beard oil producer, Civilized Sasquatch! Their oils will bring out the colour and texture of your beard, without any buildup or stickiness. We also have a line of products from Crown Shaving Co. and a beard foam from the ever-popular Reuzel which will clean as it nourishes, an all-in-one solution for regular maintenance.


When it comes time to get that beard shaped and styled, our barbers have the expertise and know-how to let your beard shine to its full potential! Give Plan B Hair Co. in Kelowna a ring at (250) 717-7526 for service like no other!

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