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90’s Hair Making a Big Comeback

90’s Hair Making a Big Comeback

Yes, everything eventually makes a comeback! Right now we’re seeing a lot of re-runs straight out of the 90’s and as some of us jump for joy while others roll their eyes, we have to admit we are feeling this nostalgic 90’s kid revival.

Along with flannel, berry lips, mom jeans and throwback tunes (we know a lot of you attended the I Love the 90s Tour) 90’s hair is making it’s way back on the trend scene in full force. Of course not every look was a winner and thankfully many of them will remain in our high school yearbooks where they belong. Beyond the list of 90’s beauty trends that aren’t a thing anymore, there is a newfound love for a few stand out styles that can be adopted into your modern fashionista look. Here are a few of our faves:

Accent Braids

A la Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life. Accent braids are the perfect addition to any ‘do when you need to spice up a plain pony, loose waves, or bone-straight locks.

#Angelachase #rayannegraff #mysocalledlife

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Big Hair Don’t Care

While many associate the 80’s with #bighairgoals the 90’s was chalk full of blown out looks sported by the super models of the day (think Cindy Crawford). Even regular girls pumped up the volume with scrunched & layered locks.

Got buns hun?

The mini buns made popular by Gwen Stephani are back, but mostly in a (slightly) toned down way. This look can now be seen in it’s two-bun variation all over the Insta and adorning the heads of celebs like Miley Cyrus.

We see life in purple

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Pixie Chic

Famously captured on Winona Ryder for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, pixie hair may have gained fame in the 90’s but unlike the actress’s career it is still HOT. Today’s variations get a little edgier with shaved undercuts and wild colours.

What color is your favorite kind of Rose 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 Its it 1. Red 2. White 3. Yellow 4. F—ing Ruby Rose is the best

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So, what’s your favourite 90’s hair revival? Or better yet, what looks are you grateful haven’t come back to haunt you?

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