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5 Hair colours to try in 2017

5 Hair colours to try in 2017

The new year is always a great opportunity for a fresh start, so why not kick things off with a fresh new hair colour? Last year saw a lot of mermaid hair and unconventional colours like denim & rose gold and so far 2017 looks like it may swing in the other direction with a lot of neutral, more natural looking hair colours coming out on top. We’ve scoured all the most talked about trends so far and compiled them into our list of the top 5 hair colours to try in 2017!

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B Hair Co. | 2017 Colour Trends: Blorange

‘Blorange’ Hair

Ok it sounds like a bad celebrity couple name, but blorange is really just a mix of warm peach and strawberry blonde hues. Red hair is likely to be red hot this spring but “blorange” offers a lovely compromise between blonde and ginger. It adds color to skin and creates a warm golden glow even if you don’t tan!

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B Hair Co. | 2017 Colour Trends: Blonde Grey

Blonde/Grey Hair

The grey hair trend isn’t going anywhere this year with the newest variation for 2017 being a hybrid of blonde/grey. It’s a little more subtle than the solid grey of 2016 but if you want a more dramatic effect try it grounded by solid nearly-black roots.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B Hair Co. | 2017 Colour Trends: Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

This year is all about back to basics, so expect to see a lot of deep, rich brunette shades in 2017. While the classic saying is “blondes have more fun” we beg to differ as some of the luscious brunette colours trending this year are definitely not boring! Try a lovely chestnut or a deep rich mahogany; brunette colours that have a multi-dimensional shine will make your hair look lively and healthy.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B Hair Co. | 2017 Colour Trends: Colour Melt

Color Melting

Melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the base color of the hair so you don’t have any harsh lines. It creates a more subtle effect than that of the ombre trend and can make any hair colour look like it could have happened naturally (cue someone asking you if your vibrant fuchsia hair is your natural colour…).  The difference between this and regular highlights is that it uses multiple shades to create the ‘melted’ effect.

Kelowna Hair Salon | Plan B Hair Co. | 2017 Colour Trends: Balayage


Yep, it’s not going anywhere. We’ve already talked endlessly about the hair painting highlight technique of balayage. Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, deeper roots and multi-dimensional ends will still be on trend but with a softer edge. Balayage is the technique of the moment to get that perfect look for 2017.

Whatever your dream hair colour, book an appointment at Plan B and our stylists will have you looking like new in 2017! 😉 250.717.7526

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